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Ode to Pubic Hair

Even though the 1990s gave way to a trend of bald privates, hairy versions are back in fashion again, according to the Playboy. It does not mean that women will grow back their bushes obviously, but that they will rather trim than shave or wax it completely. If you think about it, that makes a lot more sense. They are not only more varied, but they scratch your privates even less. They can look like a V-shape, a triangle or whatever you can think of, they do not lead to follicle inflammation, and they can still look sexy. It does not mean that they would look neglected or even smell bad, since they would be kept clean and neat, but they are neither bald nor look like a bush. They are somewhere in between. Even playmates and porn stars grow their pubic hair recently, even though they are not the old fashioned ones with the 70s look, but they are not bare anymore.

It is true that oral sex is better with shaved privates, but it is also true that when the hair starts growing back, it gives an unpleasant feeling to both men and women. So it is time to get ready for trimmed pubic hair, since it is not only practical, but it is also more comfortable. It does not bother you during oral sex and it does not feel prickly during vaginal – or anal – intercourse either, so trendy or not, bush is back. If a woman likes it bald, it is great. If she likes it hairy, it is not bad either. As long as it gives her the confidence she needs in bed, accept how she likes her own body.

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