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On anal sex

 Since anal sex is like a trend today, and you are reading this article, you probably want to try it. The most important thing you know about it is that in real life, it is nothing like porn. Women may like it, but only if their partner is not too harsh. So, the first time you need to be extra attentive and extra patient and you need to give her everything she needs to relax. And once her vagina is wet, you can finally start pleasing her asshole.

I need to add a quick remark here, though. If you have agreed to do it beforehand, then she should cleanse herself internally before you would even kiss her – since it can ruin the mood if it is done in the meantime – and it does not even take too long. She should only fill a colon cleansing enema set, filled with 2-3 cups or a half liter or lukewarm water. It is enough to clean the intended area.

Now, back to the action, since you are about to ask her to risk pain for you, it is not that rude to ask you that you should lick her asshole before fingering, since it gives her the security that she needs to relax those muscles. Keep in mind that she is already clean down there. Having done it for a while, you can lubricate your finger with either body lotion or a special lubricant and you can insert it in very slowly. Hold it there for a few seconds before you start to move it gently. When you feel that she is comfortable enough, then you can insert the second finger until you are sure that she is finally open for you.

Then lubricate her again, as well as your rod, before you place it at the entrance. Then, both of you are ready for an extremely slow penetration. She will probably tighten the muscles periodically, so get ready to stop when you feel it tightening, and when you are finally inside, wait for a few moments before you start very slowly. She will let you know when you can be faster, believe me.

And it is finally time to go for it. Enjoy!

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