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On Circumcised Penises

There are a lot of women, especially in the United States who cannot even look at an uncircumcised penis. They hate that the head of the penis is covered with foreskin, and they also hate the smell and the occasional dirt – hair, toilet paper or towel thread – under it. And if we think about how much most men hate pubic hair on women, then we can understand their disgust, as well. But should we get rid of that skin?

It depends on various factors. If you have certain religious beliefs, or if you are worried about your sexual health, then circumcision is always a great choice. If you expect your partner to get Brazilian wax every month – since shaving gives her a stubble that irritates your skin and you want her to be bare down there – then you should not say no to her desire if she wants your foreskin gone. After all, it only hurts once, for a week, but waxing hurts every month, and even though it is not the same, if she needs to lower her expectations, then you should lower yours, as well.

However, if you prefer your privates and hers to be natural, or if you think it only has religious connotations, then do not do it. Your phimosis – if you had it – must have been treated at a young age, and unless you wish to lower your risk of sexually transmitted diseases, it will not provide any benefits beside the better looks and smell. The choice is yours!

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