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In our heteronormative society, the message “Be fruitful and multiply” is bombarding our mind from every direction, to make us believe that the only purpose of life and relationships can be to have children. That is why it is hard to believe that there are people who feel romantic and/or sexual feelings not for the other sex. We cannot accept it as a possibility, but we rather label these people as mentally ill. There have even been therapists who tried to lead these people back to the socially accepted way of love. The problem is that nobody can decide who they love. If it was that easy, then even heterosexuals could be happier – especially during puberty – but just like we cannot choose the person who we fall for based on his or her eyes, grades or social background, homo- and bisexuals cannot decide it based on sex either. They simply choose the person who they feel they are connected with. And the more we force them to deny their feelings, the deeper they will fall into the person they love.

It is similar with transsexuals, as well, but their problem is not that the sex of their loved one is forced upon them, but certain gender roles. Some men would like to wear makeup to cover their spots or grow their hair, while some women would like to be strong in a way that is not considered feminine. The more society forces the proper gender roles on them, the more radical they might become, even getting as far as feeling trapped in their body and changing their sex.

The problem is that most of us only have limited knowledge of these people, and we do not realize that not they have a problem with their attitude but we have a problem with ours.

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