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Oral Sex and Cancer

Some people state that as HPV can spread via oral sex, it can lead or neck and head cancers, just like they are the reasons of cervical cancers in reproductive organs. Researchers and medical professionals have recently started to call people's attention to this serious problem, since a twenty-year-long study has recently shown that the number of HPV-related throat cancer cases increased from 16% to 72% in twenty years. This number is obviously so high that the virus is more responsible for oral and throat cancer than smoking these days.

It is due to poor sexual hygiene and inappropriate sexual practices. Most people – especially young ones – take oral sex as a way of having sex without consequences. They cannot get pregnant orally, that is for sure, but viruses can get inside the body, and even if they do not harm sexual organs, they can infect the oral cavity and the throat instead.

Yet, it cannot lead to cancer if the partner's sexual organs are healthy, so we should not blame oral sex for an rise of oral and throat cancer cases. In fact, not all HPV strains cause cancer, and the body usually clears the virus within less than two years. So, if it causes a tumor, then it tells more about the patient's immune system than about his or her sexual practices.

So, if someone is healthy and in a monogamous relationship, then they should not be worried about head and neck cancers, as long as they remain committed, and their immune system is strong.

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