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Orgasm Facts

If you think you have known everything about a man's orgasm, then it is time for a rude awakening. There are several beliefs that are not true, and other ones that you have never heard of. So, if you want to know more about your own reactions to orgasm and a few fun facts about it, then let me reveal the truth for you.

I bet that you have thought that only women can fake it. Well, men also can. About a third of those guys who participated in a study of the University of Kansas have admitted that when they are too drunk for a climax or they are too sleepy to go on, they fake it, as well. They do it with loud moans and quicker thrusts, and they hide the condom after.

Yet, when you do come, you can do it again after the refractory period is over. You body might need a few minutes to an hour to get back to normal, but after that, you can start again. The lower your level of prolactin is after an orgasm, the sooner you can start up again.

What and how much you eat affects your ejaculate. If you eat more vitamins than usual, it will contain more of them, as well, but if you eat too much fat or too much unhealthy foods, then it is likely to lead to less semen.

Have you ever thought that you do not need to squirt your semen into a woman's vagina to make a baby? It can happen, though. Even pre-ejaculate can contain tens of millions of sperm that can fertilize an egg if you do not use proper protection. This is why the pull-out method is not always effective.

Now that you know all these, it is time to change your attitude in certain areas.

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