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Outdoor Sex Scenario No.3

If you want to have sex outdoors, especially if you want to feel the calmness and tranquility around any kind of water – may it be a river, a lake, or a sea – then read a few tips about the ideal ways to get there.

The best is to go by car – or even on foot if possible – since you should not take too many bags with you, unless you want to spend some time with some foreplay, which will turn the entire intercourse even more romantic than it otherwise would be near water. A picnic is also a great idea here, or if you are heading for the beach, you can spend some time with tanning, as well.

However, you should keep in mind that the surface of the water and the beach or bank around it are so flat that you can easily be seen. That is why you need to pay extra attention to where exactly you would start the action. You need to find rocks or bushes that can provide a place to hide, so if you hear someone coming then you will have time to stop what you are doing.

As for the surroundings, you need to think about the effect of water, which washes out everything, including natural lubrication of the vagina. As for the sand, it is not only hot during the day, coarse and irritating, and you might feel that it gets under your skin. That is why you need to lay something under yourselves before you get into the action to enjoy it at its fullest.

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