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Painkilling Orgasms

 If you are often in pain – but in not a severe one, of course – then the best cure is to have sex. It does not only increase the blood flow, so more oxygen or other nutrients can reach the painful body part, but if you reach an orgasm, then it also triggers the production of the so-called bliss hormones, which have a less widely-known effect, that is they kill pain, as they are our body's natural opiate. If it hurts too much to have sex, then it cannot mean a cure, obviously, but the time of the headaches is over, especially for women.

They do not only have an excess amount of the bliss hormone, but their estrogen levels also rise, which have an important role in binding the endorphin – hormone of bliss – in the brain. So, the overall effect is that the mild pain is relieved with an orgasm.

As for men, their body have an excess amount of testosterone, which is also serving as a painkiller during a sexual act.

So, we can be sure now that we are meant to have sex if we are in pain, but can it also mean that we should look for it? Of course. When a person is afraid of it, or turned on by it on the other end, we should keep in mind that in a horny state, anybody loses the sensation of pain, so that world can be discovered at its fullest in bed.

So, all in all, if you are either masochistic or if you often have a headache, have sex, since there is no better solution to it!

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