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Pets and Sex

Do you have fish, a snake, a tarantula or something that you consider nice and harmless in a terrarium or aquarium? Unless you meet someone who is afraid of them, or they get out of their place, they do not affect your life much.

But if you have chosen to have a cat, a dog or a bird, it is a totally different situation. You might wonder why birds are in this group and not the previous one. The reason is that they might stay in their cage themselves, but their feathers do not. And sex life is usually not affected by the pet itself, but rather by its hair/feather and body fluids. Urine contains ammonia, which is an acid. It is so strong that it is one of the main components of hair color products, and women and hairdressers know already how stingy their smell is. But they are not only stingy. They are poisonous in a large quantity. And you do not need to drink it or lick it off your finger by accident to have a problem with your digestion or unconsciously touch your privates with dirty fingers to start a discharge from your vagina or start an itch on your penis, but if you just smell the urine – either a cat's or a dog's – the effect can be toxic. Cases of death are pretty rare, but if one loses consciousness for a couple of days and nobody notices it, then the gases can suffocate him or her, indeed.

Another problem that often occurs, as well, is that more and more people are allergic to dog or cat hair. Nobody knows which symptoms to expect individually, but mucous membranes – including the one in the vagina – can get swollen and dry, and the skin of the penis can get itchy.

So think twice before you buy such a kind, but sexually dangerous pet.

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