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Physiology of Orgasm

Orgasm is the moment of pure bliss, when all the tension leaves your body and spiritual-minded people even say that this is when the astral body can reach its highest meditative state, as well. However, what only happens is the contraction of every muscle in the body and the release of dopamine and endorphin, which are hormones responsible for the feeling of happiness, reward and satisfaction in our body.

How we can reach that moment is different in men and women. Although it is thought that men are the ones who can get there more easily, there are taboos about their climax, as well. Obviously, stimulation of the penis – or a small area of its bottom side right under its head, to be more exact – leads to an orgasm pretty quickly. However, there is a less-known method that can give men an ejaculation: it is the prostate massage. Some couples try it during the blowjob, while others only concentrate on the massage itself. It is not difficult to perform, only a finger should be inserted straight into the anus, and it will meet with the prostate gland right inside, thus it will result in an orgasm.

As for women, clitoris is the area that needs gentle stimulation in the beginning, but it can continuously develop into something harder and rougher until it finally gives the woman an orgasm. As for the mysterious G-spot, it can be found on the frontal wall of the vagina, and it needs rough stimuli. It can be reached the most easily with doggy position, or missionary with legs lifted up high, manually or anally. When you find it, you will know it within a few seconds.

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