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Pickup Lines

It has been long since we passed lines like “what's the time?” or “have we met somewhere?” and most of the hot girls are bored of these. So, if you want to be original, then you should come up with something new.

You should go for something that is a compliment, but does not sound pushy. For instance, if she is surrounded by her friends, you could say, “I'm sorry to interrupt, but I couldn't resist your beauty any longer,” and you can hand her a napkin with a short message.

Or it is even easier to get close to her if she is standing in line at the bar. If you let her order first, then you'll have time to talk with her. You can easily make a compliment on her top if you like her tits, her skirt or leggings if you like her legs, or you can even make a nice comment on her hair if it lets you see her sexy neck. If you have seen here there earlier, as well, then you could even ask for advice as for what to order for yourself.

If your compliments are honest, and if you either offer your help or ask for hers, you already have something to talk about, and she knows that you like who she really is, if you do not comment on her body, but rather on her style or something she might know more than you do. If you seem to notice something that others have not, then you are a winner.

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