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Pleasures of Valentine's Day

There are quite a lot of ways to spend Valentine's Day if you are a pleasure seeker, depending on what you consider as pleasure. If it only means sex, then this is not the article for you, though, since that would happen anyway if you please your partner, as well.

So, let me begin with the other ultimate way to treat yourself, and it is a pleasant dinner. If you eat pizza or fast food all year, then this is the day when you should give yourselves a treat and eat out. Any restaurant might do as long as both of you like the cuisine. For instance, while women tend to like sushi, men usually do not, but women are usually not in the mood for a heavy steak either, as opposed to men. So, pick your favorite, dress up and go out.

You can also go for the pleasure of touch, as well, before you would have sex. A massage that either a professional gives or you give each other will lead to a relaxed and intimate mood, or even serve are a foreplay before sex. And you should never forget about the foreplay on Valentine's Day. And it should never mean oral sex solely on her part. Even if you do not have much time for each other during the year, you should use this day to get close again, and feel intimate for at least an evening. This is what this day is about, and if you give it to her, she will consider it the perfect gift, as well.

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