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Positions in the Bathroom

If you have ever fantasized about having sex in the bathroom, then there are some safety measures that you should keep in mind. I might be stating the obvious, but when we are horny, we tend to forget about this rule: moist and water makes tiles and tubs – and almost anything in the bathroom – slippery. So, if we choose to have sex here, we always need to hold on to something, or else, we might fall and get injured.

On the other hand, this can be one of the most romantic rooms at home, so we might want to light some candles around the bathtub, thinking that water can protect us from a fire. But if a girl has long hair, accidents can still happen. Either place the candles father away from the tub, or put up the girl's hair in a high bun, so that it would not be likely to reach the flames.

As for the positions themselves, they should always hold our bodies on four points, or three at least. So, in case of a shower, there should be a handle that both of you can hold on to, or in a bathtub, the girl should be on top, while the guy is lying on his back, since this is the safest position. If you experiment, hold on to something in any case.

Maybe our models have something else in mind, too. So ask them, as well! I am sure that they would be happy to show it to you!

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