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Positions in the Kitchen

Kitchen is not only for eating or preparing the food, although there are people who hold it to be sacred and kept perfectly clean at all times, but sometimes, it is just the perfect place to get dirty. You might be wondering how and where to have sex in there, and in this case, our article will help you a lot.

It is true, that neither the counter top nor the table or the kitchen island are as comfortable as a soft bed, but they hold plenty of opportunities for the experimenting couples. First of all, you must know that neither of them should be used in a missionary. Perhaps the kitchen island could hold so much weight, but it is not worth the risk. The first and foremost position that I would suggest is the doggy, but it is useful to fold a tablecloth to the edges for more comfort. That cloth can help us to get even hardcore sex.

Or, if you would like to do it face to face, then she can roll to either her side or her back. In the former case, do not expect her to move much, since this is when her body touches the cold furniture on the widest surface, but if she is on her back, she can as well sit up, so the hardcore can be guaranteed again, especially if both of you are in the mood.

But if your partner is not willing to leave the bedroom, then ask for advice from our model.

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