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Positions in the Living Room

Even though living room is where we offer our guests places to sit, this is also where we usually start watching a movie, which is often full of sexy scenes that turn us on. But why should be go to the bedroom when the movie can go on, or if the bedroom is too far? There is no reason, since there are plenty of perfect spots in the living room to have sex on, as well.

So, let me begin with the risky ones. Even though a lot of coffee tables or TV sets are solid as a rock, the ones that we need to set up are pretty easy to break, so they are not likely to hold two people's weight.

Still, if yours is stable enough, then it provides similar positions to the ones on the kitchen island. She can be on her back – even she can sit up and embrace you with her legs – or she can lie on her side, even though it might not be that comfortable if the table is low, and she can also be doggied, if you are not standing, but kneeling.

Luckily, there is a lot more comfortable spot in the living room, as well. And these are on the couches/sofas/futons, call them whatever you wish. They let you have sex in almost any position that you want, even providing a kind of restraint if your girl is on her knees in front of it and she pushes her upper body down onto the sitting surface.

Or let your fantasy wander, even ask for a couple of tips from our models, as well!

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