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Reasons of Abortion

There are many reasons why a woman or a couple decide to have an abortion. The most acceptable causes are usually medical. Either the fetus can lead to the mother's death, or the other way around, or it can suffer from a genetic mutation or disease that will make its – and its parents' – life harder after it is born.

However, there can be various other reasons, as well. For instance, if the “mother” is so young that she cannot provide anything to the baby, and she would ruin its entire life, as well as the rest of hers, then she or her parents might decide to give a chance for the girl to raise a happy child at a proper time. If she is even left or if she is not, but her partner is too young, as well, or he is not ready to become a father, then it is even more likely that they will opt for abortion. Every child deserves to have a happy life with a loving mother and father, and if there is no chance for it to get these, then women tend to decide in favor of her future children.

It is especially so in cases of rape. When a fetus is forced into a woman's body and she even gives life to it, she will never get over the trauma that the criminal has given her, and worse comes to worst, she will not be able to love her child, since every time she looks at it she cannot stop thinking about that predator who has given it to her.

It is never only about the woman. It is about the future of the baby.

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