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Relax on Valentine's Day

Even though most committed men are intimidated by February 14, some of them know it is not about women. It is about love and relationships, so you do not need to feel that you are obligated to buy hearts and flowers, but you can surprise her with something that you like, as well. Or, it does not even need to be a surprise. You can come to an agreement do to something together, which both of you would enjoy. And since it is a Friday this year, you have a whole weekend for that.

If both of you like the nature, then going hiking in a nearby forest or on the closest hill can be romantic and intimate if it is not too cold and slippery outside. If you start out around sunset, for instance, then a man can even feel like a heroic knight, who needs to protect his lady from the menace of the dark.

However, you might prefer something hot and relaxing, and in this case, the perfect destination might be a wellness hotel. A hot tub, a sauna, or a Thai massage can easily make you forget about all your problems and it will lead to some hot time in your room, as well.

And if you do not even want to leave your home, then renting a romantic movie – or anything but action – and watching it with a bottle of wine can also give you the harmony that both of you need this day.

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