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Severe STDs

AIDS is not the only disease that one can get during a sexual intercourse. Even though the rest of them are not deadly if the patients get proper medical treatment, then can still have serious consequences.

As most of these are bacterial infections, high dosages – or even lower ones – of antibiotics usually cure the disease without any complications, but only if the treatment begins in time. That is why it is crucial to see a medical professional whenever a man sees spots on his penis or feels that it is itchy or there is some discharge flowing out of the urethra without sexual intercourse. Also, when a woman has either a lesion on her privates, or if she experiences any kind of change in her vaginal discharge, she should consult with her ob/gyn as soon as possible.

The most serious sexually transmitted infection besides HIV is syphilis, since it can be deadly if it is left untreated for several years. It is dangerous because the initial symptoms – round, painless sores – disappear without treatment, and even the secondary stage only means rashes, fever, swollen lymph nodes and sore throat, as if you had a cold. Unfortunately, if it is not treated, then it will reach the late stage within a few decades, and since it harms the central nervous system, death is unavoidable.

Gonorrhea is also severe if a woman is pregnant, since it can blind the baby, or the symptomless chlamydia can lead to infertility, and certain types of HPV can lead to cervical cancer, but if we go to necessary screenings or see our doctor whenever it is needed, then non of these are fatal anymore.

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