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Sex at the office

If you ever dreamed about having sex at the office then you exactly know what I mean. We spend about 70 to 75 precent of our lives at work, so no wonder that sometimes we have sexual urges at our workplace. Especially men are influenced so to say by a work environment to have sex sometimes. Not to mention the crucifying situation when you have a really, really hot coworker. Then my friend, your life at the office might even become living hell. So watch out for hot chicks when looking for a new job. But unfortunatly this can happan anytime, anywhere, a really sexy chick can appear at your office as a new colleague at the most unexpected times. So let's see, what you can do to get over sexual urges at your workplace. First of all, jerking off in the office is not a good idea. You might simply get away with it, but if you don't, if you get busted with your dick in your hand then you are in a really, really though situation, so this might not be the very best idea. Taking care of yourself before you go to the office however is a totally different situation. That actually might be a good idea. One of the worst things you can do is wathcing porn in the office, at your desk. Why? Becauce it will make your situation even worse, it will only make your dick even harder, so bad idea again. So be carefule, watch out with hot chick at work, if you do come across one then be sure to fuck her as soon as possible so you can solve your problems quickly.

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