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Sex Games

Actresses and actors might be the professionals who can completely leave themselves behind when they play a role, but average people are not going for the Oscar. However, they can still forget who they are and they can be more passionate than before if they act like someone else in bed.

They do not only help you with losing your inhibitions, but you are also urged to use your creative self in bed, and it will shake up your everyday routine. It helps you become who you have always wanted to be. There is no need to stick to the classic costumes of teachers, firemen, secretaries or doctors, but you can also parody your neighbors, or act like an entertainer who have just won the Grammy, or you can even act out a stressful situation of the day and rewrite it to end with sex.

If you had to do errands and one of the administrators was a jerk, you can ask your partner to become that jerk one night, then you will become someone that bothers your partner the next day. The key is that both of you should be into it. Remember that you are not going for an award, you are only doing it for fun. If you even laugh out loud in the meantime, who cares? Take it easy. The only point is to turn your desires or frustration or any extensive emotion to a situation that can make you and your partner horny, as well.

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