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Sex in a Good Relationship

If you have a live-in partner, spouse, or even children, then your sex life might be the last thing on your to-do list. You have needs, and so does your spouse, but you are somehow so distant that even if you have sex, it is not like it used to be. If it is so, then there are a few issues that usually lead to distance in a relationship, or even to a divorce.

Communication and quality time are the most essential bases of a marriage. You need to make time to spend with each other, away from kids and everyday problems, but you also need to deal with them at an appropriate time. Obviously, it should not be done in your bedroom, but at a time when you are not too tired yet, and always have those discussions in the calmest manner possible.

Issues that need to be addressed are parenting, money and household chores. Both of you make money even if only one of you has a salary – since the one working at home frees you from spending on a personal assistant, a cleaning person, a cook and a baby-sitter – so both of you have a say in money issues. Plan how to reach your common and individual goals, implement those steps and evaluate your results every week, if possible.

As for household and parenting issues, you need to share them equally, as well, based on your free-time after work. If either of you need to commute 2-3 hours a day, for instance, then his or her share of the housework should obviously be less. It is the same with parenting, as well. With all these issues solved, sex life will get better in a short time.

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