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Sex in the Shower

If you are about to try shower sex soon, then you need to get ready for a few surprises.

First of all, it can easily become awkward, especially if you have roommates, too. They might not say anything to your shower, but only the fact that they know what you two are doing can be embarrassing.

Another common thing that can ruin a shower is the water itself. In certain areas, water never gets hot enough, in others it is either hot or cold, and you cannot set it in between, or maybe you have only a certain volume of hot water until it is warmed again.

And there is the sex itself. As we all know it, most showers are slippery with not much to hold on to, and worse comes to worst, you need to do it standing. It may be intimate and romantic, but keeping your balance like that can be physically challenging. Besides, water does not work as a lubricant. In fact, it works against it, so you do not only need to find a secure position, but also one that keeps her privates away from the cascading water. And unless you have a huge overhead shower head, one of you will always be shower-wet, but not under the hot stream.

Some accidents can also mean a threat, since not only the slippery surface and the water temperature can spoil the time spent in the shower. Water can get everywhere: from the eyes, through the mouth and even the throat.

Yet, in spite of all the difficulties, it is definitely an experience that you would enjoy, not because of the sex itself, but the sight of a sexy partner with clean, glistening skin that will make up for everything.

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