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Sex on the Blue Pill

Even though it has a wide variety of pills with the same medication in them, we still think about Viagra first when we have problems getting stiff. But how was it originally invented?

You might have heard about it, but if not, let me tell you that it was originally a medication for various cardiovascular problems. Against way too many competitors, it was hard to find its market in cardiology, so they started to promote it with one of the side effects. As it increases the blood flow by relaxing muscles that have previously slowed it down, a sudden extra amount of blood rushes to the penis, which will become stiff, as a result.

So, are there any more side effects? And what are the risks that you need to get ready if you take it? It affects every body part that depends on the increased blood flow. You might start seeing worse, your stomach may hurt, and your face and ears can easily turn red, followed by a long-lasting headache. But if you have problems with your liver, kidney or heart, then you should not even think about taking it, as it might have fatal side effects on those organs. Certain HIV medications, leukemia, old age or MM are also serious contraindications.

So, if you want to enjoy the four hours of pleasure that it gives, then consult your physician before you try it first. In this case, your risk factors will decrease, or you will know if there are any, and you can be sure that it will only give you what you want.

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