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Sex Under Water

If you want to have sex under water, then you should know a few facts that can either ruin it or turn it into a hot fantasy. First of all, the best way to do it is in a private pool, as you might have suspected it. Since a woman's vagina is open to any infections without underwear and pubic hair, water that you choose must be clean. It is the most risky to do it n a public bath, since way too many people bathe there, and if only one of them has an infection, it is enough to infect your partner, as well. Natural water may also be a great choice, as long you are sure that it is not polluted, since chemicals can lead to an allergic reaction, which can not only harm the vagina, but also the skin on your penis, as well.

Yet, regardless of the quality of water, you should get ready that water can enter the vagina, and it will wash out lubrication. Regardless of how romantic it is to embrace each other in the water during sex, it can become irritating for the woman. And it is the worst in seawater, since it does not only wash out wetness, but it also washes in salty water, which – depending on its density – can give a burning sensation to sensitive skin.

This is why a private pool is probably the best place to have sex under water, but experimenting cannot hurt either.

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