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Sexless Orgasm

It is often said that a woman's orgasm starts in her brain. What if it also ends there? It might sound like a fairy tale that a woman needs no sex to reach an orgasm. A man might think that it is yet another thing that women have come up with to have men envy them, but it is real.

Once a woman starts practicing Kegel exercises, she is on her way to sexless orgasms. It only means that when she is pissing, she needs to deliberately stop the flow to find her pelvic muscles. Once she knows where they are and how she can control them, she can constrict them several times a day, for as long as she can. They are a great warm-up to their mind-training.

If they start to concentrate on their clitoris, vagina and perineum – between their vagina and anus – and go into a deep relaxation, all they need to do is think about their best orgasm. And their mind will give their body a tiny one. Yet, if they keep on practicing, that tiny climax will slowly turn to a normal one, and they will not even need to remember a real orgasm, since their focus on their body, their relaxed state of mind and their deep breathing will automatically lead them there.

And if they can do it without sex, imagine how intense their climax will become during sex. All they need is focus on their body, deep breathing and a relaxed state of mind.

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