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Sexy Feet

Not only women are obsessed with shoes anymore. It means that they are the ones who enjoy buying them the most, but they are not the only ones who check them out. Those men who have a foot fetish cannot resist the temptation to stare at a nice pair of sandals if they are worn by a sexy pair of feet. This is why it is important to have exposing footwear on, especially in summer, if a woman would like to get a nice treat from a guy. These shoes or sandals need to be eye-catching, as well, but they should never be overdecorated, since that would divert attention from the sexy feet underneath. A simple red pair is always the best choice, as long as it leaves the nicely pedicured toenails out.

Most people wonder if only men have foot fetish, though. And if only they do, then why don't women have it, too? The answer is simple: while a woman usually spends time and money to keep her feet clean and neat, a man usually neglects this body part. So why would a woman find it attractive? I am sure that there are girls who cannot resist to take a look at a sexy pair of feet in man sandals or flip flops in summer, especially if the toes are waxed or shaved, and if the whole picture is eye-catching. When a man's feet are nicely pedicured – not with polish, of course – women would like to suck on those toys, as well, and they would also like to ride them with their vagina, but as long as their looks say that they are smelly and dirty, they are not going to get attention.

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