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Sexy Lingerie

Since Valentine's Day is menacingly close now, you might be thinking about what to get for your partner. If you have decided on lingerie, then our article will help you a lot since it will give you tips on styles, colors and materials for both sex.

Let me begin with underwear for men. If it is made of candy, then a girl can buy a thong for her partner, since they both know it would be funny, but if she wants to go for something sexy, then she should not go to extremes. Boxer briefs fit all men, and if something extra is needed, then only the pattern or the material can be different, but the colors should be neutral, purple or red. Fishnet, cotton, and perhaps mixed fabric is okay, but the others are rather funny then sexy.

Now, if a guy is about to pick something for a girl, then red is the best choice because of Valentine's day. Lace and silk are the best picks if they are to be tried on and taken off at night, and probably a negligee or a corset and suspender belt are the best pieces that you can count on. Bra and a G-String – or a thong, or boyshorts – are not a turn off either, but they are rather worn on weekdays. Try to pick simple ones without feathers or any eye-catching decoration, and stick to the ones that are simple and elegant. The shop assistant will probably show you the best ones.

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