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Sexy Moves

Non-verbal communication, or body language is said to tell a lot more about a person's attention and thoughts than the actual speech. And since women are said to have a “sixth sense” to decode these signs, men should act in a way that is attracting woman.

Some know these signs instinctively, while others need to learn them. The key is to look relaxed, nonchalant and confident. It means that you should stand straight, but not like a soldier, your arms and feet should be hanging on your sides, or you can hold something – like a drink or a wallet – in one hand, to prevent fidgeting with your fingers. When you are talking with the hottest woman in the bar, you should look into her eye, and try to speak in a low and calm voice.

If you do not dare to get close to her first, then attract her attention beforehand. If you have a chance to dance, then do not stand by the wall and ogle the girls. You should dance, as well. Do not shake your hips, unless you know how to dance, but even your body shows that you enjoy the music, even if it only means that you are nodding or circling with your head, or stop with your feet, it still looks a lot more attractive than a guy who is obviously looking for a prey.

Think about memories that make you feel relaxed, or concentrate on something in the room that gives you confidence, and in this case, you will easily find a girl who likes you.

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