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Shorter Men and Taller Women

If you think it is unfair that you cannot date with a woman because she is taller than you are – though you might be taller than the average – then read this article, which will reveal the reasons of this weird attitude in both men and women.

In ancient times, men were the ones who protected women and children from wild animals, so if they were bigger, the family had a better chance of survival. That is why tall and strong men are still considered masculine, while short women are feminine – even though the fashion industry shows the opposite – so in an average relationship, men are 8 percent taller than women.

You can even experiment with this in online dating. If you change your height, you are likely to get more messages. What is weird about this phenomena is that most of us can alter our expectations of breast or penis size, but we still find it hard to let go of the ideal height.

These expectations are so internalized that girls do not dare standing straight, so they often have problems with their posture by the time they become adults, and men do not dare to start a conversation with a taller girl. So, as it is a two-way street, both men and women should change their perspective, so men should ask out tall girls, who should say yes to one date. Who knows? You might be soul mates and great in bed. I have already seen relationships like these, but what you should try to avoid is to feel less than the other if you are a shorter man, or to dominate your partner if you are a taller woman.

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