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Side Effects of Anal Sex

If you have been wondering whether anal sex can be harmful to your health, or your psyche, then you might have been right. Since this body part was not created for sex, there are quite a lot of rules that we should keep and we tend to forget about, which might lead to those unwanted side effects. But what are these and how can they be prevented and/or treated?

First of all, the most common side effect of anal sex is hemorrhoids. They occur due to something forceful that puts an extra pressure onto the wall of the colon, so if anal sex is overdone, or if it is done without proper lubrication, then those veins can be harmed, and lead to mild bleeding. It should rather be prevented than treated, even though there are various ointments for mild cases.

Still, it is not always the worst condition that anal sex can cause. Bacterial vaginosis is an infection that can occur easily if you do not pay attention to hygiene. Bacteria that are found inside the colon should not get into the vagina in any case, as they can ruin its balance in a fortnight, so they should be kept outside. If the colon is clean and neither the penis nor the condom gets into the vagina after it has penetrated the anus, then this condition can be avoided, as well.

And if you want to avoid any psychological damage, then simply make sure that your partner is also into the act and make her feel comfortable all the time.

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