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Size-Dependant Positions

 If you have ever worried when you looked at your cock, because you either think it is too small or too big – yes, it can be too big, and no, not all girls like pain in their vagina during sex – then we have the solution for you. Here are a few positions that will help you to please your girl regardless of your size.

Let me begin with the case when it is too small. What you need to know is that the closer the knee is to the shoulders the smaller the vagina becomes. So, it means that if you choose the missionary, you should lift her ankles to your shoulders and push them down before penetration. Or if you choose the doggy style, then she should hold her buttocks up and her shoulders down, to have a deeper thrust inside her vagina.

But you might have a cock that you can only be proud of in the shower after a workout, while girls keep on complaining about how much it hurts when you do them. In this case, you should choose positions, in which she can control the depth of penetration. Most often, it means that she is on top, since she can decide how deep she wants to let you inside by the extent she is lowering her body on your erection. And if you can resist the temptation to move while you are behind her, then you can do it in a doggy, as well, but she should be the one who moves, and she should hold her shoulders up and buttocks down. Enjoy the newly found happiness!

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