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 S&M, standing for sadism and masochism can balance a sex life. Some people have a dominating role in life, so they want to be dominated, and they want to feel pain. While other people enjoy giving pain to the other, not necessarily because they want to hurt them, but rather because they know that pain can lead to pleasure during sex, due to several hormonal levels that change during the state of sexual excitement, and this is why pain becomes pleasure.

But how can it be achieved? There are various kinky toys that can be used, from harsh bondage materials, to extreme heat, or simply via something physical.

Harsh bondage can be either made of metal or it can be a natural filament rope, or even a wide tape that turns the skin so red under ti that it might look as if it was spanked.

As for spanking, the physical aspects are coming now. Any part of the body can be physically tortured, from the mouth and the privates to the chest, back, buttocks or any extremities, but what can be used are varied. Floggers and spanking paddles are probably the most common toys in use, since they do the less harm, while a rod can give severe scars if used too harshly. Various clamps also give physical pain, especially if they are also pulled on, so one must be extremely careful when deciding on what to use.

As for the heat, even though we think about hot wax in most cases, ice cubes can give a kind of heat torture, as well, especially if a lot of them are used.

Go on and experiment with these with either a partner, or with one of our models.

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