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Squirting 101

Do you believe that a girl can squirt? Have you ever tried to get her off like that? It might be hard to reach, sometimes it can even be impossible, but if your girlfriend is able to squirt, then there is an easy way to help her.

First of all, you need to know the difference between squirt and pee to make sure that you have actually made her cum, instead of just making hr pee. What you are expecting should be transparent, even though it will appear near the urethra, and it is usually a lot.

How you can get her there is different every time, but you need to be ready to be harsh with her. Girls who will never be able to squirt are usually the ones who are scared too early. Since G-spot – a spongy area of the size of a peanut on the frontal wall of the vagina, until it gets stimulated, when it can even grow to a size of a walnut – needs harsh stimuli, those women focus on pain instead of the future pleasure. That is why it is better to tie her up, or get her in a position in which she could not do anything against it. Then please her with your fingers and with toys as hard as you can. When she is cumming, but begging you to stop, then she is close, so keep on doing whatever you did, until you finally see that heavenly fluid squirting out of her privates.

You might reach it with actual sex, too, but manual stimulation works in a lot more cases.

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