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Squirting Babes

 If you have ever wondered how it is possible that girls can squirt, or if you have ever thought it is pee, then this article will be of utmost use for you.

What you need to know is that female ejaculate comes from certain glands called the Skene's glands that are found between the vagina and the urethra, closer to the latter one. That is why it is often confused with pee, even though it is not watery but rather milky, and it is odorless. Since we all know that pee is nothing like that, so it cannot be the result of the loss of bladder control. Besides, some researchers state that this fluid is similar in composition to what is secreted in the prostate gland. Now, as you might be familiar with the fact that genetics determine whether clitoris would become a penis and the labia would become what holds the testes, there must be an organ that could become a prostate gland. And this is likely to be the Skene's glands.

But how can we get the fluid to squirt out of it? The most important factor is to let the woman relax. If she is absolutely calm and has no tension in her body, then she is more likely to let go of what is produced in her privates. Then, when her vagina is wet enough, you can start to get harsher on her G-spot gradually. It can be found on the frontal wall of the vagina. When it is not stimulated, its size is that of a peanut, but its spongy structure will make it grow until it reaches the size of a walnut. That is what needs to be pressed quickly and fiercely to make her squirt.

Set a towel under her before you start practicing.  

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