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Stay Young with Sex

You might think that only young people can enjoy sex, but in fact, more than half of people over 80 state that they are satisfied with their sex lives. But how can they still have a sex life?

Since they have been enjoying it since the first time, their body keeps on producing endorphin. This is the hormone that gives you the feeling of bliss during an orgasm, and it also boosts the immune system. The more frequently the body gets this boost, the stronger the immune system will be, and it can not only defeat viruses and other germs, but they will also protect the body from cancer, for instance.

Besides, great sex leads to satisfaction with the whole life, as well. As long as nights bring joy, the problems do not seem so serious during the day. And a satisfied person is willing to fight for him- or herself with more energy in any field of life. Sexual pleasure will lead to a variety of positive psychological aspects, including self-confidence, better problem-solving skills, and an overall positive view of life.

It is considered that two or three times a week is the minimum number of sexual intercourse in the 20s and 30s if we want to extend the period of youth in our life, but it obviously decreases year by year, and the ideal will be different for each couple when they reach old age.

So go ahead, and have sex as many times as you can for a longer and healthier life.

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