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At first, you probably assume that stigmatophilia has something to do with social stigma, so people with this fetish fall for people living on the periphery, or who are deviant in our society.

However, it means something completely different. If you are stigmatophile, then you are into people with tattoos and piercings. You are in awe as soon as you see that a work of art is covering a sexy girl's back, especially because you also know that this is something that expresses her personality, as well.

Or as a girl, you can be falling for those men who might not be muscular, but their tattooed upper body makes then looks so masculine that you cannot resist their power. And if they are even muscular, then it is even better. They are those man who are not afraid to protect you in the dark, but who are somehow dangerous, as well.

And as for piercings, depending on where exactly they are pierced into, they can serve as toys during sex. One in the tongue can do wonders to oral sex, while one in a nipple can be a perfect replacement of a weak nipple clamp.

Both tattoos and piercings convey danger and they imply the opportunity of wild sex, as well. However, in reality, tattooed and pierced people might tolerate pain more than others, but they can be pretty conservative sexually, so do not judge a book by its cover. You might be stigmatophile, but be prepared that you do not always get what you expect.

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