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Switching Partners

You might have talked about a threesome with your partner, and the conversation might have ended with the plan to find a guy or a girl to join you for your adult games. But unfortunately, people who would also be into these games also have a partner already, so only a foursome can be achieved. With its advantages and disadvantages, this is the most common way of experimenting with double penetrations, or threesomes with two girls included, or even switching partners.

And if we choose the latter, we will end up with a situation, when we can see our partner having sex with another person. Now the question is: can we bear the thought and the view that someone else is touching our loved one or are we turned on by it? It is important to answer, since this is what is going to happen, and if we are not ready for it, then we can be pretty shocked by how we feel. If it makes us feel that we give our partner a chance to experience what another person's body can give, and this would even enhance our trust in each other more, then it can strengthen a relationship and even spice up sex life.

But if we are afraid we might lose him or her, or if we want to be the only ones who touches him or her, then partner switching is one of the most terrible choices we can make, since it can even end the relationship.  

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