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The Brunettes' Charm

If you have a thing for brunettes, then here is your chance to find out how to get them. They are not the easiest bet, but once you know their secret, your job will be easy.

We like brunettes because they are confident, determined and we hope that they would be wildcats in bed. It is easy to spot the latter ones, though. If their clothes are tight, their nails are polished and their gait is inviting, then they are likely to make all your dreams come true.

Yet, getting them is a tad more difficult. The reasons why we like them is the very reason why our job is so intricate. Since these babes are confident, they need a like-minded man. So, when you make your first move, then you need to come out as if you were sure she would say yes. Even if your mind is full of doubt, you need to act as if you were sure about yourself. She might even say no to make sure that you are for her, so give yourself a second chance, but never a third one. If you are too pushy, it always means that you do not know and are unsure about yourself.

Be original. A hot brunette is hit on several times a day and they already have an easy way to take you down if you are one of those men. If you pretend to be neutral and out of her reach, she will get curious and she might even hook up with you if you play well.

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