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The Effect of Period on Sex Life

If you are one of those people who are turned down when a girl has her period, then this article is not for you. However, if you want to be satisfied during those days, as well, then you might want to know what it makes her feel, as well.

Unfortunately, women are bombarded by their hormones in all their life, just like men. But unlike them, they are not affected by them on a daily, but on a monthly basis. This is why they tend to devour everything in the fridge before their difficult days begin, so if you wonder why all the food is gone, then there is your reason. Unfortunately, they are also irritable those days, so you should try to stay clear of them for a while, or never be in their way at least. The reason of this might be that it is almost impossible to get them off.

They need more time than usual to get excited, and they also need more intense stimuli to reach orgasm, as well. It usually means pinching and biting, but it might mean a lot more, as well, depending on the girl herself. If you are disgusted by blood, then there are two options: she can insert a sea sponge into her vagina, so you can have sex normally, or you can opt for anal sex. But keep in mind that even though she needs intense stimuli, anal sex requires extreme attention on the man's part.

Go ahead and enjoy those days, as well!

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