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The Keys to Great Sex

Even though we usually assume that women and men want different things in bed, we might be wrong. Some women are into hard sex, and some men like softcore. It usually depends on the partner. The problem is, however, that the couples usually stop talking about their desires. And even the average woman does not always dream about champagne and roses, or the average man of a typical hardcore porn scene. In most cases, a fantasy is only exciting as long as it does not become reality. So, a woman might be dreaming about having sex in a bed of roses until the first scar its thorns have made, or a guy might be dreaming about anal sex until he sees the first drop of tear in his partner's eyes. If you talk about your desires, it can be a turn-on by itself, and if you even agree upon the details how it would be acceptable for both of you, then the final compromise will give you both the pleasure you could never experience without communication. For instance, you can offer that you would buy fake flowers for her – less money, less effort, and they can be reused – or she can let you penetrate her anus very slowly and gently. Or you can even do it on those fake flowers, so both of you can get what you want. The fact that something is romantic does not exclude that it can be hardcore, as well. Try it and be satisfied!

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