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The Magic of Young Girls

If we ask a man who he would choose a young or a mature woman, the answer is usually the former, in spite of plastic surgeries and expensive gyms. In the era when a MILF can look perfect and her body can be just like a doll's, then why do men still fall for young girls? Their body might be firm, but so is a milf's, besides, the latter has more experience, so sex is probably better with her. Or isn't it?

When you are not sure that your woman has had less sex than you, you might feel intimidated. You want a girl with experience, for sure, but you want to show her new stuff, as well. And if she has already tried everything, then what is there left for you? No such problem occurs if you choose a teen. Even if she is not a virgin, she is not likely to have slept with too many guys, but she is curious and willing to learn. And you can be her teacher. You can show her everything that you know, and you can be sure that the pleasures you give her are one of a kind, and her orgasms have never been so intense, and this is why she will look up to you.

Besides, their body might not be as perfect as an older one's, but you can be sure that they are at least natural, and so are their gestures and moans, since they are not burnt out, and they only have sex when they are in the mood for it. Go ahead and test it right now!

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