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The Quality of Semen

You might have known that your semen is affected by your diet, but you might have not had known what you should eat and what you should avoid exactly.

You might be bored to read that smoking, alcohol and drugs should not be consumed, since they affect your entire body in a negative way, but it is true. The more toxic substances enter your body, the lower the quality of your semen will become.

Obviously, it does not end with willingly chosen bad habits. If you eat foods with too much fat – and too much sugar, which will be stored in the body as fat – then you are likely to harm your own semen, as well. Too much fat in your body will make sperms slower, so the chances that they fertilize an egg drop significantly.

What you should include in your diet are unsaturated fatty acids, since they are involved in membrane functions and in sperm maturation, as well. They can be found in flax seed, fish and tree nuts, especially in the walnut. Recent studies have shown that consumption of walnuts can improve sperm parameters – their vitality, motility and morphology – since they do not raise the levels of fatty acids in the sperm, but they rather turn to a certain alpha-linolenic acid, which protects sperm cells against mutation and other defects.

So, as you can see, it is not enough to avoid toxic food and substances, but if you want to have strong and healthy sperms, then you should protect them with fish and walnuts.

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