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The Sex Swing

Before you would decide on buying a sex swing, you need to know a couple of important pieces of information. A sex swing can be fixed to the ceiling, as well as to a stand, but the latter one is a lot safer, since it has been designed to hold that much weight, and even if you fall out of the swing somehow, you do not get hurt so badly anyway.

You might be startled that you need to set the stand by yourself, but it is usually not much of a challenge. The slightly curvy X is on top, with double sized legs, since you should also connect the legs with the extra side-rails, to hold them together.

After only a couple of minutes of setting up the stand, you are finally ready to hook up the swing in the middle. It is quite a challenge to get into it, as well. Usually, both partners are needed, since the toy is swinging too high to hop into it without help. Yet, it provides possibility of various positions, from missionary to doggy, sitting position, or even to 69. The person who sits in the swing will feel like flying, so even though its belts might give a feeling of restraint, the feeling of freedom and being alive makes up for it for sure.

So, if you are ready to buy one, then get ready to spend time with fixing it, and also with getting used to it in the beginning, but if you want to experience the sexual freedom it gives you, then be brave and get one for yourself!

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