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The Sexy Bedroom

When you want to have a bedroom to have a place for steamy sex, then you should always give something mysterious to the setting. It does not mean that you need to hide a genie in the bottle, but rather decorations and furniture that you can use for hot actions. Those partners who have the same in mind as you do will take the hint, but those who have no idea what you might want will also be willing to settle for something light and vanilla.

First, you should pick the color. It should never be bright. If you have only one bedroom, and you would also like to sleep there, then choose purple, since it does not stop you from sleeping, but it still gives the romantic atmosphere you need. But if you would only use the room for sex, then red is a better choice, since it does not only give you something hot to look at, but it also energizes you both. That is why it is not suggested to use it on the walls of the bedroom in which you sleep.

The most essential part of the setting is obviously a huge bed. Ideally, it should be a four-poster, or at least one with a steel frame, so if you want to play with bondage, you can have a place to start. You can also insert hooks into the ceiling, or a huge wooden cross on the wall for the same reason, since all of these can be assumed to be something else. Now that you have got the picture, it is time to furnish that temple of pleasures.

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