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The Urge to Win

Now that the 2013 award season is over, we can sit back in our chair with satisfaction or with disappointment, since we have witnessed our favorite actors and actresses win or lose the most prestigious awards. But why do we care? The answer is simple: we are built that way.

When we are still living in tribes, our chances to reproduce automatically raised if we gained a special skill that the others did not have. This led to respect from and belonging to a protective tribe. So, we learned that if we are the best at anything then our chances of survival are suddenly better. This is what still keeps on urging us to invent something new, so this is why the human kind as a whole keeps on developing.

But our body is not only affected by our personal success. Our survival instincts also urge us to witness other winning fellows, since they serve as a proof that we can also achieve our desired goals. They trigger the same hormones as if we were winning, even though the levels in our blood are not the same. Yet, they are enough to motivate us to desire, believe and to strive for a better life and to work to reach our goals and dreams.

And these dreams are not only to win the Oscar. They can be as simple as going on a date with someone, or getting a dream house, or even nailing an important project at work. Never underestimate yourself. Dare to dream, work and believe!

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