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Tips to Avoid

When you are drunk, you might have “great” ideas to turn on someone with, or you might hear other from your friends, but they do not always work. Sometimes your partner has a sexy idea to spice up your sex life with it, but you always need to think it through before you do it.

If you want to sext, then what you write does not always sound in the way you intended it, so before you would hit send, always give it a second reading.

If you are planning to record what you are doing in bed, then be aware that in the age of the Internet, it can become public anytime, and even your friends and family might see it. It is the same if you want to surprise your partner with a sexy photo or video. It does not matter if you are protected by law or not, by the time it disappears from a site, probably all your friends will have seen it.

In case of having sex in public, you need to get ready that you might be seen by someone. If you are lucky, it is just a stranger, but it can also be the old lady next door, or even a police officer. In the best case, all you will get is the adrenaline rush that can really spice up your sex life, but in the worst case, you might end in prison.

These are just examples, but everything in bed has a consequence, which you need to think about before you do it, so that if you cannot deal with its consequences, you can stop in time.

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