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Toys for Her

When you have no idea what to buy for her on Valentine's Day, so that both of you can have fun at night, you should think about something sexy besides the bouquet of flowers.

If you want more than watching her in sexy lingerie, then go for sexy toys that she can play with either in front of you or without you, or even with you.

If you prefer that she plays in front of you, then you should get something elegant or something that looks sexy. This is why – in case of a dildo – you should go for a stylish look and hard material. These toys usually look like huge icicles, and they are too hard for double penetration. Practically, they are only great for a solo.

So, if you want to integrate that toy into your sex life, you should buy a dildo made of soft material, since it lets you do DP with her. Or get Ben Wa balls, which she can wear at work and nobody will notice it except you what you come home and find that she is horny as hell. But if you would like her to try anal beads, then you should know that they are too big to wear all day.

As for vibrators, they also offer a wide range of choices, so I would give the same suggestions as on dildos. Soft for mutual pleasure, and hard for solo. And if you pick a small one, it will be perfect for foreplay. The choice is yours!

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