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Toys for Him

You might think that only women are experimenting with sex toys in bed – either alone or with a partner – but there are various toys that have been made for a guys' pleasure, as well. First of all, let me begin with the most popular of these, the penis ring. Originally, it holds the base of the penis so tight that it does not let the blood flow back to the body, so it will keep the erection as long as you wish. Currently, a small, vibrating part is added to them, as well, so women are no longer the only ones who can experience how great it is to get themselves off with vibration.

This was one of the reasons why fleshlight came to exist, as well. The names come from its shape, since it does look like a flashlight, but you need to insert your flesh into it, and it will start vibrating once you turn it on. The entrance can either feel like a mouth, a vagina or even an asshole, depending on your preference.

It is a lot better than the inflatable dolls, since they are lifelike and they also vibrate. There is no need to waste your vent while pumping it up, they do not look weird, but they are often the exact replicas of a porn star's vagina.

If you are curious, you can also try prostate massager, which can give you an orgasm that is far from the one you have experienced so far, even though it will produce a cumshot, as well.

Now is time to experiment!

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