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While some conservatives still think that trannies are freaks or that they have some kind of mental disorder, there are ones who accept that a shemale is a body that belongs to a person who has both a masculine and feminine side. These people feel that they were born to the wrong body because they cannot fit into any of the two sexes. They simply have an innate curiosity and understanding of what a woman's life might be, and they enjoy the attention they get for their looks. Most heterosexual men envy this, and they think that this is the power that women have, but a tranny knows that this is exactly what makes them vulnerable, as well.

This is why a true tranny can act like a girl anytime. He knows the importance of makeup and the full picture, while he can also be a man on an average weekday, but he never feels like himself, unless he can be in more revealing clothes. A shemale enjoys giving, as well as getting a blowjob or an anal, since they like being the giver, as well as the receiver of these actions. They enjoy being in both roles. In a way they know what they want with determination, but in some other areas they are deeply puzzled. And this is what helps them with understanding and pleasing both men and women. They were born a man, but their personality is that of a woman.

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