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True or False?

 There are plenty of myths and tales about sex that are sometimes funny and some other times they are simply hard to believe that they are not true. Here is what we have heard so far, and our intention is to tell you how true or false they are.

The most common misconception is probably that size matters. A big penis does not matter more than big boobs. They might be hot, and maybe even perfect for a hookup, but they have not much effect on sex, unless one has no idea how to use them.

How important sex is has nothing to do with age, and it is the truth. Unless a serious illness is complicating the sex life, sexual arousal is as common among the elderly as among other adults. So, there is no need to be afraid of getting old, since you are only going to say goodbye to sex if you want to, regardless of your body.

A woman who only has oral or anal sex is not infertile, she simply chooses methods that make conception quite a challenge. Vaginal is the only way to have sex if a couple wants to have a baby, even though there is a slight chance that a tiny proportion of the semen can flow into the vagina even in the case of anal intercourse.

Have you heard about anything else? When we do, we will post them as soon as we can, So keep on coming back to us to stay updated.

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